3 Signs You Should Seek Pregnancy Back Pain Treatment

Pregnancy and back pain are strongly associated, but that doesn't mean that all discomfort is just something to endure. If you're struggling with the feeling, you may want to ask about pregnancy back pain relief options. Frequently, a chiropractor can help. If you notice any of these three signs, it might be time to talk to a chiropractor about pregnancy back pain treatment.

Unending Pain

While back pain is a regular problem during pregnancy, it shouldn't be a constant. If you lay down on the couch or a bed for a bit, the sensation should abate at least a little. You might get no relief from laying or sitting down, though, and that's a strong sign there could be a bigger problem.

Even if you simply need a lumbar adjustment, it can make a big difference to have a chiropractor administer it. Particularly as the baby starts to rapidly grow later in your pregnancy, you may find significant relief from an adjustment. Getting one at least once a week might allow you to keep up with the baby's increasing weight and the accompanying pressure on your back and pelvis.

Sensations in the Feet

It is easy to assume that numbness or tingling in the feet is just due to carrying more weight during pregnancy. However, the pressure might not just be on your feet. If there's pressure on the spine or even the hips and upper legs, nerves in your back might suffer. Pregnancy back pain treatment may be able to target and relieve that pressure.

Also, you may experience blood flow issues during your term. Once more, an adjustment may take away some of the pressure that's keeping the blood from flowing as well as possible to your legs and feet. This can relieve numbness and tingling in some cases.

Other Options Fail

People tend to go for the most immediate solutions. For example, you might try using cold compresses or heating pads to relieve the pain. Changing your shoes is also a common solution. People sometimes go for more involved solutions, like getting new beds to improve their rest or installing padded rugs to soften their floors.

However, you might find these either outright fail or don't provide enough relief. If the simple and quick options don't put the pain in check, it may be time to consult with a chiropractor. They can assess your situation and then try to find a method that could provide pregnancy back pain relief.