Why Core Stabilization Is Important To Your Mobility And Overall Health

Your core muscles are vital to your overall health. When you have strong core muscles, you have less strain on your spine. You can move more readily, and you are able to perform well in a variety of activities. If you have a sedentary job and you don't get much exercise, your core muscles can become weak from the misuse. Over time, this is going to lead to postural changes, pain, stiffness, and even swelling. Chiropractic services can help improve your core stabilization and give you spinal alignment you need to move without pain. Even when your core muscles have been weak for some time, you can build up your core strength in a variety of ways.

Chiropractic Care and Core Stabilization

Chiropractic treatment helps reduce strain on your spine because of poor alignment. You are then able to move easier and will have better balance. Spinal adjustments, massage, ultrasound, and other manual therapies will help get your spine into alignment, allowing you to build up your core strength through a variety of exercises. Your chiropractor will work on core stabilization strategies to help you gain strength and mobility to improve your overall health.

When You Have Back Pain

Back pain can cause you to use compensatory strategies when you are walking, sitting, or standing. When this occurs, you won't be able to develop the core stabilization that you need to stay healthy. Muscle sequencing is important to core stabilization, and this suffers when you are in pain and not walking correctly because of it. Chiropractic treatment helps you reduce your pain levels so that you can continue to use your muscles as you are supposed to. When you reduce your pain, you will have better balance and overall stability.

Your Balance and Core Strength

Balance can decrease as you get older, in part because of poor core strength. If you find yourself having trouble with balance, it's time to focus on your core stabilization. Talk to your chiropractor about any mobility issues you are having, and you may be able to improve your balance with good chiropractic care. As your core gets stronger, you are likely to see your balance get better.

Core stabilization can allow you to regain mobility and improve your health. When you are able to get regular exercise, your health is going to get better. If you have back pain, your chiropractor may be able to help you with core stabilization strategies.