3 Pieces Of Chiropractic Equipment Your Practice Will Need

When starting a new chiropractic practice, you are going to need to purchase a wide variety of equipment for your practice. The key is to know what equipment to focus on first, and what to add to your practice over time.

Adjustment Tables

The most important piece of equipment you need, and one of the most expensive, is a chiropractic adjustment table. This is where the majority of your work will be done, and you will need one for each treatment room. If you are just starting out as a small practice, you only need to set-up two treatment rooms, possibly three. You may have one client with heat on while you are working on another, hence why you want at least two, possible three, treatment rooms.

When looking at adjustment tables, think about the type of style you want to use. You can purchase a manual or stationary table or an auto cocking table. Keep in mind that auto cocking tables may be easier to use but also usually cost more. However, the investment is usually works out over the long-term.

X-Ray Machine

An x-ray machine will allow you to check and see the state of someone's posture. It will allow you to see if they have issues with their spine. Although you can send new clients out for an x-ray, you will be able to control more of the process when you have an x-ray machine inside of your own business that you can use. That way, you can get quick x-rays during the initial appointment and move forward with a well-informed treatment plan. This is a big investment, but is generally a one-time investment, as you should be able to use the x-ray machine for many years.

You will also need screens that allow you to read the x-ray, and you will have to purchase x-ray paper to print out the x-rays. This will be the one thing you have to continually invest in overtime.

Posture Evaluation Tool

A posture evaluation tool is a simple tool that allows you to measure someone's posture and see how in or out of range their posture it. This simple tool usually runs at least a couple of hundred dollars but can allow you to really measure and see quantify how in or out of line someone's posture is, beyond just eyeballing it.

When you purchase equipment for your chiropractic equipment, you want to start with the big pieces that are essential for your practice, such as a chiropractic table or an x-ray machine. Then, you want to move to tools that will help you refine your chiropractor practice, such as a posture evaluation tool or traction devices or chiropractic adjustment tools.