Don'T Know Much About Chiropractors? 2 Conditions They Can Treat For You

Most people think of chiropractors taking care of things like sore muscles in the back, neck, etc., but there are many other conditions the chiropractor can treat. Below are two of these conditions so you will know when to make an appointment with a chiropractor in your area.


If you get a lot of headaches the first thing is to determine if there is a medical reason for this. For example, this could be something as dangerous as a brain tumor or could be due to a sinus infection. If the doctor cannot find anything causing the headaches, then you likely have tension headaches.

Instead of taking painkillers you should first visit a chiropractor. One thing that can cause tension headaches is having neck tension. Neck tension can be due to having bad posture or sitting for hours at a time with no breaks, such as in front of a computer. The tension can start in the neck and then radiate up the back of your scalp. Once this happens you will start having tension headaches.

To relieve the tension in your neck the chiropractor can do a technique known as manipulation. This treatment will relieve joints in your neck, which will reduce tension, as well as reduce inflammation you may have in your neck.

Manipulation involves jolting and moving muscles and massaging the muscles in your neck. The chiropractor may also teach you exercises you can do at home, as well as suggest physical therapy to further help you.


Stress can take a toll on the mind and body. There may be ways you can relieve some stress in your life, such as making changes to your job or home life. Before you start taking any kind of medications see your chiropractor as they can help relieve your stress.

Having chronic stress can cause nerve irritation which further increases the stress you feel. The bones in your body may also have uneven pressures, which causes a misaligned spinal column. Both nerve irritation and a misaligned spine can cause you to feel stress.

The chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustments, to align your spinal column. This adjustment will also increase blood flow, which will then make you feel more relaxed.

Along with this treatment, the chiropractor can also suggestion vitamin supplements to help, as well as relaxation techniques.

Talk with a chiropractor in your area to lean much more about how they can help you.