Possible Reasons For Your Uneven Shoulders And How They're Treated

Sightly uneven shoulders is a fairly common situation since you tend to have one dominant hand and use one side of your body more. However, when your shoulders become so uneven that people begin to comment on it, it's time to uncover the cause before damage is done to your spine or nerves. A chiropractor can help you determine the cause of your uneven shoulders and develop a plan for bringing them back into balance. Here's a look at what causes this condition and some things that can help.

The Causes Of Uneven Shoulders

Medical conditions such as scoliosis or uneven leg length can cause uneven shoulders. The problem could be a misalignment of the spine or a back injury. However, this condition is commonly caused by your lifestyle. Having bad posture for months or years can cause your shoulders to get progressively more uneven. Sleeping on your side night after night, or carrying heavy bags on one side all the time can give you uneven shoulders.

If you lean into one shoulder when you talk on the phone frequently or if you use a mouse repeatedly for work, your shoulders may be affected. The change happens because one shoulder becomes overdeveloped or one becomes underdeveloped. The imbalance in your muscles can then cause your spine to become misaligned and worsen the condition. The changes can happen gradually over a long period of time so that you barely notice it. You may have frequent back, neck, and shoulder pain or you might not have much pain at all.

The Treatments For Uneven Shoulders

If you're found to have a medical condition, your chiropractor will suggest the appropriate care and possibly refer you to a specialist for help. If your chiropractor determines your shoulders are uneven due to a muscle imbalance or poor posture, you may be given instructions for changing your lifestyle such as switching shoulders when carrying a bag, using an armrest when using a mouse, developing the habits of good posture, and working in an ergonomic chair. Next, you may be taught stretches and muscle-building exercises that balance the size and strength of the muscles of each shoulder.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments may help too since these can bring your spine back into normal alignment. It may take several treatments and some time to correct the situation if one side of your body is underdeveloped or overdeveloped. If bad posture is to blame, you'll need to be consistent with maintaining good posture, but that might be easier to do once your muscles are strengthened and your spine is in the proper alignment.

Uneven shoulders are more than a problem with your appearance. Your body is forced into a position that puts a strain on your back and spine and it might cause pain in your hips and legs as well as frequent pain and tingling in your neck, arms, and back.