Neck Pain From Texting: How To Combat This Common Problem

How many hours a day do you spend staring down at your phone, typing out texts and emails and playing games? Probably too many! All of this phone time can have a consequence: a syndrome that chiropractors and physicians are calling "texting neck." With symptoms that include stiffness in the neck and shoulders, shooting pains in the back, and the inability to turn your head properly, texting neck can make you pretty uncomfortable. Here's a look at a few ways you can treat the discomfort and keep it from coming back again.

See your chiropractor.

Chances are, all of that time spent with your head hanging down has caused your vertebrae to move out of alignment. Misaligned vertebrae place pressure on your nerves and are likely responsible for much of the pain and discomfort associated with texting neck. Having your spine adjusted by a chiropractor will alleviate many of the symptoms. However, to keep them from coming back, you'll need to take a few extra steps as described below.

Do more on the computer and less on your phone.

When you type at a laptop, you generally don't have that same hunched-over, head-down posture that you do when typing on your phone. Try to switch more of your communication over to your computer, and you'll notice a reduction in your texting neck symptoms. Make a habit of not replying to emails on your phone – wait until you're at a computer. Most of the time, when someone sends an email, they don't require an urgent response. (If they wanted an immediate response they would have called or texted.) So, they can wait until you get to a computer. 

Also, save your general web surfing for the computer – and make sure you're practicing good posture (keep your shoulders back and feet flat on the floor) when you are at the computer to prevent other back issues.

When you do text, hold your phone up higher.

Instead of holding your phone in your lap and looking down at it, bring it up to eye level so you can look at it straight-on. This causes a lot less strain on your neck. Tell your friends and coworkers that you're having neck trouble and need to text with your phone higher. This way, if they see you defaulting to holding your phone in your lap, they can remind you to bring it up.

In the short-term, massaging the back of your neck and holding an ice pack against it can alleviate the pain of texting neck. However, if you want permanent relief, you really need to apply the tactics above.

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