Don't Let The Holiday Season Sabotage Your Back Health

During the holiday season, your daily habits likely change a bit. Shopping, gift wrapping, and tidying the home start to occupy more of your schedule. The way you perform these holiday-related tasks can wreak havoc on your back health if you're not careful. To make sure you don't spend the next six months paying for your holiday experience with back pain, follow these tips:

Dress comfortably and smartly when shopping.

Those holiday-themed high heels might look sharp, but they're best reserved for a short dinner party than worn to the store.  Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes when you're walking the mall and standing in long lines will ensure you stand correctly and prevent excess strain on your back. Also, make sure you choose a small, light purse rather than a heavy, large one. With all of the shopping bags you'll be carrying, the last thing you need is an extra pound or two of purse weight pulling on your back.

Carry bags evenly.

When you do have a couple of shopping bags to haul through the store, make sure you carry equal weight in each hand. This is far better for your back than carrying them all in one hand, since this can strain one side of your back and push your spine out of alignment. If you have a long, mall shopping trip planned, go back and forth to your car several times, dropping off bag as you go, rather than carrying around more and more weight throughout the day.

Wrap gifts at a table.

Sprawling out on the floor to wrap gifts encourages poor posture, which may contribute to back pain. Sit in a comfortable, supportive chair when wrapping gifts, and remember to maintain good posture by keeping your shoulders back and your feet flat on the floor in front of you.

Choose seating options wisely when visiting family members.

Curling up in the corner of your aunt's sofa may sound like a good idea at first – until you try to get up and find yourself fighting back pain. When making your seat selections at a friend of family member's home, look for supportive seating that will allow you to maintain good posture throughout the evening. If you will spend more time standing than sitting, wear well-fitted, cushioned shoes rather than heels.

The stress of the holiday season can add up, and even if you follow these tips, you may find yourself with a bit of back soreness by the end of it. Don't despair. If you have it taken care of by your chiropractor sooner rather than later, your back should be feeling fresh again in no time.

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