Three Habits To Keep After Visiting Your Chiropractor

Visiting your chiropractor to receive an adjustment can drastically improve the pain in your lower back. While it's common to need a series of treatments to relieve this discomfort, especially if your back has been badly out of alignment, you can expect to see improvements in not only your pain level, but also in your mobility and even your quality of life before long. In between your visits to the chiropractor, it's important to adopt some healthy habits to ensure you don't negate this health professional's efforts. 

Sleep In The Right Position

Sleeping in an awkward position can put your spine in a misaligned state, which can allow your pain to return. Although everyone has his or her own favored sleeping position, it's best to lie on either your side or your back when you've been dealing with back pain. In these positions, the proper placement of a pillow can ensure that you keep your spine straight to avoid re-aggravating your lower back pain. On your side, hold the pillow between your bent legs; on your back, slip the pillow between your knees and the mattress. Generally, it's best to avoid sleeping on your front, as this position can affect the curve of your spine while also leading to muscle pain in your back.

Sit With The Right Posture

If you're someone who spends much of the workday seated at a desk, it's imperative that you use the right posture to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your lower back. While seated, you should maintain a tall, upright posture with your back and hold your shoulders back to avoid them curving forward. If your chair has lumbar support, use it to put some firm pressure on your lower back; this pressure will help to hold your lower back in the right position. Try to keep your feet planted on the floor instead of sitting with your legs crossed, as the latter position can twist your body and pull your back out of alignment.

Make Some Time For Exercise

While pain in your lower back can make several forms of exercise difficult, it's often possible to take a walk without exacerbating your discomfort. This form of exercise is ideal because it strengthens many of the muscles that contribute to proper posture and has a low impact that won't jar your spine. Additionally, walking promotes increased circulation, which provides increased healing to areas such as your lower back.

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