How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help Your Baby Sleep, Nurse And Grow

Although many parents are initially surprised by the concept, chiropractic therapy for infants has become a popular alternative method to help babies dealing with discomfort and stubborn health problems. Instead of the loud cracks that are typically associated with adult chiropractic care, infants' sessions are gentle and relaxing, with delicate massages meant to carefully bring the baby's body back into alignment after the trauma of birth and rapid growth. If your baby keeps you up all night or frequently suffers from issues like ear infections and colic, chiropractic therapy may help you get your first full night's sleep in months. 

Improving Ear Infections 

Babies and young children are particularly prone to ear infections due to the shape of their internal ear structure and their weaker immune systems. Although ear infections are rarely dangerous, they can cause many uncomfortable and restless nights for both your and your child. A 1996 study found that children who were given chiropractic massages and adjustments for their ear infections saw noticeable improvements in their symptoms, with 75 percent of the children's parents reporting benefits within 10 days of treatment. 

Using Craniosacral Therapy to Encourage Nursing

Craniosacral therapy is a form of delicate massage that targets the nerves and joints around your baby's head and neck. During the birthing process, many babies get squished, pulled and pushed at unnatural angles, which can cause their nervous systems to tighten up or settle into an irregular position. This is usually temporary and can sort itself out with time, but until then, your baby may have trouble nursing or expressing a full range of movement. Craniosacral massage uses very soft pressure to gently realign your baby's nervous system and stimulate muscles, encouraging strong, healthy nursing as a result. 

Solving Sleep Disorders in Infants and Toddlers

Many small children cannot sleep for more than a few hours at a time, especially when they have underlying health conditions. Parents are often advised to simply tough out this period of development, with the reassurance that it will pass, and they will be able to sleep again in a few years. But if you are that sleep-deprived parent, a few years can seem like a very long time.

A study of babies taken in for chiropractic care for ailments like colic and ear infections showed that a full 40 percent of the infants experienced better sleep after just one session, and that number went up to 60 percent after multiple visits. For parents who are desperate to relieve their baby's symptoms and sleep a few extra hours every night, pediatric chiropractic services may be the solution. Call your local chiropractor to begin exploring your options before you and your child lose even one more night's sleep. 

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