How To Work With Your Chiropractor To Reduce Back Pain

The muscles in your back are divided into three basic areas: upper, middle, and lower. They serve different functions, but they all throb equally when stressed. Since many people see the chiropractor only once a week, try these ways to reduce back pain between visits.

Upper Back

Upper back muscles get strained when you lift heavy items incorrectly or spend hours hunched over a work table or desk. Take a few minutes to do stretching exercises several times a day to strengthen the muscles in this area.

  1. Put your feet far enough apart that you will feel completely balanced when stretching.

  2. Breathe in deeply so that these muscles will be more inclined to stretch.

  3. Reach upwards while keeping your heels on the floor.

  4. Stay in that position while you exhale slowly.

  5. Repeat.

Middle Back

Middle back pain is commonly caused by sleeping on too many pillows, a lumpy mattress, sitting for long hours, or lifting an object without keeping your back straight. If you must sit all day at your job, start using a foot stool to reduce pressure on your back muscles. This old-style calisthenic can help to control the pain between chiropractic treatments.

  1. Spread your feet slightly as in the previous exercise.

  2. Lean over and touch your fingers to the floor between your feet. Do not bend your knees.

  3. Stand up straight.

  4. Lean over and put the left hand on the right foot.

  5. Stand up straight.

  6. Lean over and stretch to put the right hand on the left foot.

  7. Stand up straight.

  8. Repeat several times, the number of which is dependent on your physical ability. Your chiropractor can make a suggestion.

Lower Back

When muscles in the upper and middle back are not properly aligned or developed well enough to do their job, the entire weight of your upper body falls onto the muscles in the lower back. As a result, they become strained, swollen, and sore. Chiropractic massage can help tremendously in this area. Additionally, some simple exercises can provide temporary relief when you start to feel achy.

  1. Sit on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat, and hug your knees to your chest. Count to 10.

  2. Straighten your legs.

  3. Bring one knee up to your chest and leave the other leg straight. Count to 10.

  4. Bring the opposite knee to your chest and count to 10.

Please note: If you normally feel pain on the lower spine when sitting on a hard surface, buy one of the thicker yoga mats, approximately 1/2-inch thick or thicker. Alternately, you could purchase a gymnastics mat, many of which are two inches thick.

These exercises are not designed to replace chiropractic treatment. You need a trained professional to properly maneuver and manipulate the muscles and ligaments in your back. Back muscles are notoriously slow to respond to treatment, frequently requiring several visits. However, these exercises can provide daily relief between your weekly chiropractic visits. For more information, contact the Gillette Chiropractic Center.