Spinal Decompression, Stretching and Massage to Help Get Rid of Back Pain

Both acute and chronic back pain can be debilitating. When you find it difficult to get through your day without back pain, your vertebrae could be pressing on discs and causing the pain. Whether you are suffering from muscle spasms, compressed nerves, or a combination of both, working with a chiropractor to reduce the compression of your discs will help the pain you are feeling in your back.

How Spinal Decompression is Done

While your chiropractor will use well-controlled, special techniques to decompress your spine, the basic idea is that your spine will be stretched and given traction. When your back vertebrae are stretched out, this creates an excellent environment for any bulging discs you may have to heal. Your chiropractor might decompress or provide traction to your spine manually, or they might use a specialized table to help them provide you with this stretching technique.

Spinal Decompression Treatment Doesn't Hurt

One of the most important things to remember is that spinal decompression treatment isn't painful. In fact, many patients who undergo this type of treatment feel pain relief rather quickly. While decompression might not get rid of your back pain completely, the treatment itself is going to feel good. Gentle back stretching and traction are going to help your back heal from any problems you are having.

Massage Helps Heal Your Muscles

When you go for a chiropractic treatment, many providers also add in some traditional muscular massage to help you on your way to recovery. Massage will help improve the blood flow to your muscles, a big factor in why muscles are in pain and have trouble healing. When you get a good massage, your muscles will relax, calming down any muscle spasms that you may be experiencing. Massage helps your muscles heal from strain, and massage can be done manually or by using a massage table that provides mechanical massage.

Stretching is Essential for Back Health

A good dose of daily stretching can go a long way in having a healthy back. With your muscles properly stretched, you will have more flexibility. When you have an increase in your flexibility, you are less likely to get injured from minor accidents. Stretching every day is an excellent way to keep your back in shape in order for you to live an active, healthy life.

When you are experiencing back pain, it's time to call a chiropractor in your area, such as Gerleman Chiropractic Office, to help ease your symptoms.